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Arndt, Ernst Moritz

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    Leerssen, Joep
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    Arndt, Ernst Moritz
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    A visualization of Arndt’s correspondence network is online at ERNiE under the “Letters” tab; or click here.

    Word Count: 18

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  • Krügel, Rudolf (1914). Der Begriff des Volksgeistes in Ernst Moritz Arndts Geschichtsanschauung (Langensalza: Beyer)

    Pundt, Alfred George (1935). Arndt and the nationalist awakening in Germany (New York, NY: Columbia UP)

    Schäfer, Karl-Heinz; Schawe, Josef (1971). Ernst Moritz Arndt: Ein bibliographisches Handbuch 1769-1969 (Bonn: Röhrscheid)

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