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Wergeland, Henrik

  • Literature (fictional prose/drama)Literature (poetry/verse)Norwegian
  • Author:
    Gerven, Tim van
  • Title:
    Wergeland, Henrik
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  • DOI:
  • Kydland, Anne Jorunn; Groven Myhren, Dagne; Ystad, Vigdis (eds.) (2008). Henrik Wergeland: Såmannen (Oslo: H. Ascheohoug & Co) [H.W.: The Sower]

    Ustvedt, Yngvar (1994). Henrik Wergeland: En biografi (Oslo: Gyldendal) [H.W.: A biography]

    Witoszek, Nina (2011). The origins of the “Regime of Goodness”: Remapping the cultural history of Norway (Oslo: Universitetsforlaget)

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