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Vries, Jeronimo de

  • Cultural criticism, activist writingHistoryText editionsDutch
  • Author:
    Jensen, Lotte
  • Title:
    Vries, Jeronimo de
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  • Berg, Willem van den (1989). “Het vaderschap van de Nederlandse literatuurgeschiedschrijving”, Literatuur, 6: 320-324 [Who fathered the writing of Dutch literary history]

    Haar, Bernard ter (1853). “Leven- en karakterschets en letterkundige verdiensten van Mr. Jeronimo de Vries”, Handelingen van de Maatschappij der Nederlandsche letterkunde, 182-208 [Life, character and literary merits of Mr. J. de V.]

    Jensen, Lotte (2018). “The founding father of Dutch literary history: Jeronimo de Vries, 1776-1853”, in Honings, Rick; Kalmthout, Ton van; Rutten, Gijsbert (eds.) (2018). Defining Dutch: Language, literature and the construction of a Dutch national identity (Amsterdam: Amsterdam UP)

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